Protect your team, the tax-efficient way.

relevant life

Thinking about taking out a life insurance policy to protect you and your employees’ families?

Small private limited company with no need for a group life scheme?

How about a Relevant Life Policy (RLP)?

RLP is similar to a ‘death in service’ policy. It is a tax-efficient way to provide a cash sum paid directly to the employee’s named beneficiary should they die.

standard policy will typically be funded by you and subject to Corporation Tax, Income tax/Dividend Tax and NI Contributions.

A RLP is bought and paid for by your company and the premiums are an allowable business expense, they are not deemed to be a ‘benefit in kind’ to you the individual.

RLP is not a legal requirement, and businesses don’t have to offer it although employee incentives such as this can play a huge part in employee retention and recruitment.

If protecting your employees’ families is important to you, I’m here to give you, my help.

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