Occupational Health Services

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What are occupational health services?

Occupational health services prioritise employee well-being, offering preventive programs, injury management, and wellness initiatives for a safer, healthier workplace.

Wellness for a Safer, Productive Workplace

Occupational health managment referrals

If your employees are absent, you might require an Occupational Health (OH) report. This report helps determine their capability to work, estimated return date, and any necessary adjustments or support. Our OH Referral "triage service" ensures optimal outcomes at the most competitive prices.

Health risk assessments

Our OH partner will condut health assessments, including hearing, eyesight, lung function, skin surveillance, HAVS, and musculoskeletal reviews at client locations across the UK. The cost is only £600 per day for up to 15 employees. This service is straightforward, and you'll receive a Fit for Work Certificate for each employee.

Health questionnaire system

Your team will have access to a questionnaire portal that includes New Starter Health, OH Referral Triage, Night Worker, Display System Equipment (DSE), Maternity, Wellbeing and Stress Intervention. The cost of each questionnaire is just £5 (minimum purchase £100) making this service incredibly low cost to achieve comprehensive OH Support.


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