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Company paid private medical insurance

Private medical insurance provides immediate care for when you or your employees need it the most.

Protect your staff with private medical insurance

Why you need private medical insurance for your company

Protecting your workforce with company private medical insurance is beneficial in many ways. It can help minimise absence and maximise productivity. Fewer days get lost to sickness and healthier, happier employees are able to perform more effectively.

Health insurance is a really cost effective way of adding value to your pay packages. As well as showing staff that management care about their well-being; that in turn helps the recruitment and retention of your staff.

Should an employee fall ill, the prompt and specialist care that a private health plan provides can help them quickly get back on their feet and back into work. Overall, this includes bypassing NHS waiting lists.

What to consider when choosing a policy

  • You may wish to incorporate international health insurance within a bespoke company scheme if any of your employees work abroad.
  • Different company healthcare providers offer different lists of hospitals, clinics and specialists centres. So, it’s important to check which best suits your needs.
  • There are many options open to you including specialist cancer treatments, cardiac, chiropractic, optical, psychiatric and physiotherapy treatments, as well as company dental insurance.
  • If your employees are willing to contribute to your scheme, or to pay an excess, you can reduce your costs whilst still providing a valuable employee benefit.


You should have a budget in mind.

With a budget set you can get an idea of the level of health cover that is available.

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What we can offer

Your company may already carry private medical insurance or be looking to take it out for the first time. The Health Insurance Group has access to some of the most competitive rates in the market place and can review your current scheme free of charge


We work closely with all of the main Private Medical Insurance providers such as Axa Health and BUPA, ensuring we get the best, most cost-effective deals for you. Contact us today to find out more about the health insurance schemes we offer...

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