Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected opportunity.


Some sectors have found the Covid-19 pandemic to be an unexpected opportunity.

An opportunity to help, advise and act swiftly for businesses that wish to protect their teams.

We have experienced a rise in our clients providing Private Medical Insurance (PMI) to their employees. The number of people buying PMI for the first time has doubled in the UK since the start of the pandemic, according to industry specific, price comparison websites.

Sales of PMI to first-time customers increased by 100% on average across November, December and January this year, compared to the beginning of the pandemic in March, April, and May 2020. January continued this trend as more and more people look to ensure their needs are taken care of.

Feedback from our clients is just how affordable and accessible a lot of the policies are. It really can be quite surprising and a very simple process for us to research on your behalf.

In a recent podcast interview I stressed the value of ensuring that your team can access services faster. This can possibly reduce the impact of any health issues. As well as supporting mental wellbeing and getting your colleagues back to work sooner.

December 2020’s NHS performance statistics provide grim reading. The backlog for care is worse than expected. It is expected waiting times for NHS patients will be felt for years to come. So with the current capacity and staffing levels it could be a challenge to deal with the day to day let alone the backlog.

Our clients are stressing to us the need for prompt and specialist care. THIG work with all the main PMI providers to ensure we can match your budget, location and level of cover required.

We are extremely proud of our response to this PMI uptake. Also, we very much see this as an opportunity, an opportunity to build closer relationships with our clients.

I’d be interested if you have introduced private medical insurance for your team recently…or any other kind of added benefit?

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