Why your business needs a cash plan, and how it makes comfort a business priority…

A cash plan is a low-cost, high-reward way of looking after your employees. It ensures their comfort in a streamlined way. Making sure specific healthcare costs of your staff are covered is vital, and made simple by a cash plan.

We at The Health Insurance Group know the importance of a good cash plan. Being why we offer businesses the same. 

According to Legal and General’s “state of the nation” report, two-thirds of employees are unaware of relevant, cash plan-oriented benefits such as contribution towards dental and optical.

Because of this, cash plans can offer smaller businesses the same benefits of large corporations, but for affordable premiums.

How would it benefit an employee though? A priority for every business is the safekeeping of their employees. According to this same report, 96% of businesses are made up of 10 or less employees!

Keeping that small core of employees together is crucial to the smooth running of any business. Where a cash plan helps is in the benefits it provides.

A cash plan enables an employee to start claiming immediately for everyday healthcare expenses. Dental check-ups, a contribution to prescription glasses, therapies such as physiotherapy and chiropractic are just some of the benefits covered by a cash plan.

Why is that important to employees? Because it is very easy to make a claim. Receipts for treatment are sent to the insurer via their portal. With the reimbursement back to the employee taking place in a matter of days.

Giving employees immediate access to health services funded by a cash plan is not just beneficial to the individual, but to the team. Employees can be comforted by the ease of which they can claim back the costs for common healthcare expenses, and businesses can adapt that comfort to their business plan.

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