What would happen in your business if a key shareholder passed away?

Potentially, the shares could be left to the beneficiaries. These could have little to no interest in the company, preferring to have the sum in cash.

This could lead to that share being sold to third parties, resulting in the company losing control of a section of the business.

To regain control, the company would have to buy these shares back… how would they do it now that it’s out of their hands?

Shareholder Protection means that the surviving shareholders need not worry about finding money to buy the shares, but instead they will receive payout funds that allow them to buy the deceased’s shares.

The shareholders family will also receive a pay out of a fair price. According to Vitality, 67% of business owners say their business is the main source of income for their household and 34% say they have no business protection in place…

Don’t push it back any longer. Assure you have that peace of mind.

At the Health Insurance Group, modern protection plans allow us to tailor cover to meet your business needs, as well as your budget. We’re here to help.

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