Private healthcare for everyone

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What is health insurance?

Health insurance, often called private medical insurance, works like a monthly support system for your healthcare journey from diagnosis to treatment.

What does health insurance cover?

Different health insurance policies offer different benefits. Think about your needs, and choose a policy that offers the right cover for you.

  • Treatment in private hospitals
  • Private consultations
  • Access to a virtual GP 24/7
  • Mental health support 24/7
  • Physiotherapy
  • Out-patient care such as scans, tests, x-rays and hospital appointments where you aren’t admitted as an inpatient

How could private medical insurance work for me?

Before choosing a private medical insurance plan, review the terms, coverage details, and exclusions carefully. Consider your health needs, budget, and preferences to select a plan that aligns with your requirements and provides the peace of mind you deserve.


  • Cover for medical expenses: Private medical insurance typically covers a range of healthcare services, including consultations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and hospital stays. This means you can receive prompt and specialised care without shouldering the full financial burden.


  • Choice of Healthcare Providers: With private medical insurance, you often have the flexibility to choose your healthcare providers, specialists, and hospitals. This allows you to access care from a network of trusted professionals or specialists of your preference.


  • Timely access to care: Private healthcare usually offers quicker access to medical services than public healthcare systems. This can be crucial for receiving timely diagnoses and treatments and reducing waiting times for consultations and procedures.


  • Comprehensive cover: Private medical insurance may cover various medical conditions and treatments depending on your policy. It can include preventive care, maternity services, mental health support, and more, offering comprehensive cover for diverse healthcare needs.


  • Customisation options: Private medical insurance plans often come with customisation options, allowing you to tailor your cover to specific needs. You can choose cover levels, add-ons, and additional benefits based on your health priorities.


  • Financial protection: Private medical insurance provides financial protection against unexpected medical expenses. Instead of facing substantial out-of-pocket costs, your insurance policy helps cover or offset the expenses, giving you peace of mind and reducing financial strain.


  • Exclusions and pre-existing conditions: Being aware of policy exclusions and limitations is essential. Typically, pre-existing conditions may not be covered, and specific waiting periods may exist before certain benefits become available.

Why trust us?

As your insurance broker we act as a middleman between you and insurance providers. We assess your needs, research, and compare policies, negotiate with insurers, and recommend the right cover for you.


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